Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Adventures of Joe, part 8

"Actually we do have to get going.  We only have the pod for three hours," Carl stated.  "You'll have to say your goodbyes now."  Suddenly Joe felt sad.  Although he had only been with them a few minutes, being with his older brothers was always very special--even his in-the-future brothers.  The bond was strong, and it would be hard to leave.

"Bye, Kim," Joe said as he shook his brother's hand.  Kim grasped him to his chest.  "I love you, Joe.  I have confidence in you."  Next was Leif.  "You sure have grown up, Leelee!" Joe hugged his "little" nephew and reached up to pat him on the head.  Then he turned to Boe, "I miss you," Joe was beginning to lose it as he clenched his brother tightly.  "Aw, I'll be seeing you real soon.  Take care, Kid," Boe sniffed.

As they walked back through the warehouse toward the craft, Joe asked Carl, "What is this place?  Where are we?"  "Can't tell you that," said Carl. "Loose lips sink ships."  And that was it.  They climbed back into the pod, a quick ride back, and next thing he knew Joe was home.  "Bye Carl," he shook his nephew's hand, climbed in the window of his room, looked back and Carl was gone.  Joe was once again at home in 2017.

He held the black box, shivering slightly.  "Joe!  Where the heck have you been?!!"  Ray came barrelling into the room.  "I, uh--" "Dude, I was actually worried about you!  Ha! Anyway, Mom wasn't!" Ray gave Joe kind of a mean look and threw a nerf dart at him."What's in the box?" Ray asked.  "Nothin', just some old box I found," Joe said casually.  "Wanna go outside?" asked Ray.  "All right.  I gotta change first,"  Joe pushed Ray out the door and locked it.  After hiding the box in a safe place, he headed downstairs.

Pickles greeted Joe eagerly, jumping up on his chest.  She whimpered as she licked his face.  She seemed to know that he had been gone and was happy to have him back.  "Aw, hey girl!  Good dog," Joe scratched Pickles' ears and hugged her.  She trotted alongside him as he headed through the kitchen.  "Where are you going?" demanded his mom.  "Oh, hi Mom!" Joe was actually happy to see her. "We're gonna go shoot hoops--Hey, can I have a snack?"


The Adventures of Joe, part 7

"Joe! It's okay--Dad's still alive," Boe knew where Joe's thoughts had gone. "But we can't talk to him about this.  I can't tell you anymore than that.  Trust me, it's for everyone's good." Joe sighed, greatly relieved. Kim motioned to Leif, "Bring him the package."  Leif stepped toward Joe quietly and handed him a small black box.  "Here Joe, I made it myself," Leif smiled.  Joe opened it and found what looked like a thumb drive.  Carl explained, "All you have to do is take this, plug it into your dad's computer, and it'll do the rest."

 "So, I take this, plug it into Dad's computer...and then what do I do with it?" asked Joe.  "Bury it," answered Carl. "Just make sure it is sealed back in the box."  "Bury it where?" queried Joe.  "Under the shed, at the center of the back wall," Boe answered.  "The shed in my backyard?" asked Joe, incredulously.  "That's the one," asserted Boe.  "Bury it at least six inches deep, though," added Leif.  "Don't worry, we'll find it there," said Carl.  "You guys are all crazy," Joe said, shaking his head. "Anyway I must be dreaming."

"This is no dream," Kim spoke sharply.  "The future of our country is at stake.  You must follow our instructions exactly.  It's a serious task."  "Then why didn't you get Ray?! He's the serious one!" Joe was getting uncomfortable with all this responsibility.  "Because Ray can't keep his mouth shut," reasoned Carl, "You know he can't." "Argghhh!" cried Joe, "So I guess I don't have any choice." "Not really," Boe smiled, "I know you can do it, Buddy."  He patted Joe on the arm.   "Whatever," muttered Joe.  "Can I go now?  I'm hungry, and if I try to eat something I know I'll wake up--especially if it looks delicious."

The Adventures of Joe, part 6

"I'm getting to that," continued Boe, "There's going to be a war--a bad one.  From the future they tell us the enemy will devise a way to cut off our fuel supply by sabotaging our oil refineries.  You don't need to know all the details--Actually it's better if you don't." Joe interrupted, "So what does that have to do with me? How can I help? I'm just a kid." "Well, it's not so much you--as it is Dad," admitted Boe.

"Dad? If this has to do with Dad then why didn't you just get him? And anyway what can he do about it?" Joe puzzled out loud.  Now Kim spoke, pacing the room, "It has to do with Dad because he has invented a process that can correct the problem with the refineries.  The data is on his computer right now, that is, in 2016.  The very process we will need is within your grasp."  "Well, I sure as heck don't know what it is. I still don't get why you're dragging me into this!" exclaimed Joe.

Boe stepped in, "Joe, we need you precisely because you are a kid and you don't know anything.  If our side has time travel capabilities in the future, then so will the enemy.  They might send someone to try to stop Dad." "But nobody would suspect me," concluded Joe.  "Right," Kim interjected, "Our contact from the future is not only involved in the military, but he is also our descendant.  He found some of Dad's data in an old family album.  He realized what it was, but that it was incomplete."  Boe added, "Apparently the project was scrapped back then because at the time as it wasn't considered useful. Our contact enabled us to travel back in time so we could reach out to you.  He figured you would be more likely to help if it was for your brothers."

Suddenly Joe grew pale.  "So, so....if it's 2037, then where is Dad now?"

The Adventures of Joe, part 5

Joe sipped cold water from a paper cup.  He looked around the room.  It was Kim's office, he could see from the name plate on the large green metal desk--"General Kimbrough J. Miller." Joe glanced at his oldest brother, who was dressed in military gear, but his jacket was draped over a chair.  Joe saw five silver stars arranged in a pentagon on the shoulder.

"Joe! Are you all right?" Kim looked at him with what might have been concern. "Can somebody please tell me what is going on? Why am I here?" Joe begged.  Boe pulled up a folding chair in front of Joe, flipping it around backwards, he leaned over the seat back at Joe's eye level.  "Okay, Buddy, I know this is probably really confusing to you.  Let me fill you in a little." Kim looked impatient, "We don't have time for this."  Boe retorted, "We can't pull this off without Joe.  He doesn't know what's happening.  He's not a soldier, Kim.  He's a ten-year-old kid!"

Boe continued, "This is the year 2037.  We don't have the technology for time travel yet, but they do in the future.  Our great great great nephew, or something like that...anyway, a future relative traveled back in time because we needed their help--help from the future.  I can't tell you much about it because of the prime directive."  "Wait, what? Like on Star Trek?!" Joe nearly exploded. "You really call it that?"  "Well, pretty much everyone knows what we're talking about, so yeah, the name stuck," admitted Boe, somewhat sheepishly.

"What kind of help did you need from the future?  And what does that have to do with me?" Demanded Joe.

The Adventures of Joe, part 4

Joe recognized his eldest brother at once.  Though his hair was silvery, Kim's blue-green eyes were unmistakable.  He had the eyes and red apple cheeks of their grandma Miller.  "Joe--Good of you to come," Kim grasped his younger brothers arms, looking intently into his face.  "We need your help, Brother."  Joe, stunned, struggled to stay standing.  From behind Kim another figure approached--it was Boe!  "Hey Joe, whattya know?" quipped Boe, grabbing his younger brother in a strong embrace. "Boe!" cried Joe, greatly frustrated, "What the heck is going on?!"

Boe took a step back, looking sympathetic, and pretty tired.  He looked a lot like Joe remembered, but with shorter hair.  Still not short, but wiry and grayish, kind of like Einstein, Joe thought.  His clothing was different.  Instead of sporting all black, Boe was wearing loose fitting light colored jeans and a gray tee-shirt under a blue and green flannel shirt.  His deep blue eyes still sparkled, but somehow he looked sad.

"Hi Uncle Joe," murmured a soft spoken young man, stockier than Carl but just as tall, with straw-like hair and kind blue eyes.   As he emerged from behind Boe, Joe immediately recognized him as his nephew, Carlton's younger brother, Leif.  At this point Joe's head was swimming.  Carl caught him just as he collapsed. "Leif--get some water!" commanded Boe, as he guided Joe to an empty office chair.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Adventures of Joe, part 3

Joe followed Carl across the building to a heavy metal door at the other end.  Carl was moving quickly, but Joe looked around as he hurried along.  The garage was more like a huge warehouse.  Enormous lights hung down from the ceiling, maybe 30 feet above, glowing brightly.  There were no windows.  Everything looked gray.  Joe could smell oil and burning rubber.

There were various large pieces of odd machinery; people were working on jeep-like vehicles and what looked possibly like tanks or weapons.  Some people clad in grimy coveralls were welding, while mechanics hammered.  Another group of people was lifting a heavy section of some strange looking craft and setting it into place on a weird war-like contraption.  They all wore masks, goggles, aprons, gloves and boots; so Joe could not tell what they looked like or if they were even men or women.

Carl held the door open, motioning Joe to catch up.  It was beyond strange seeing Carl all grown up.  He had just been out to visit at Joe's house for Christmas a month before.  Carl was five years old then, and now here he was probably 26 or so.  He was lean but strong, intent looking, forceful.  Carl stood about 6' 2", not quite as tall as his dad, Joe's big brother Kim.  Kim was the oldest of the four boys.  He and Boe were close in age, and then Joe's parents didn't have any more kids for 16 years, until Ray was born.  Joe guessed that if Carl was 26, Kim would have to be 51 or so....51!

By this time they had walked down the long, dimly lit corridor to another steel door.  Carl opened it and waited for Joe to enter.  Three men were huddled around a computer screen on a table with their backs to the door.  Then the tallest spun around--It was Kim!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Adventures of Joe, part 2

...of Pickles grabbing a napkin off the kitchen table, which had a partially eaten cookie and cup of milk sitting on top of it. CRASH!  The mug landed hard on the ceramic tile, milk and broken cup shards sprayed everywhere.   "Pickles!! Raymond Randall Miller!!  Now look what you've done!" "Me? I..."  "Help me clean up this mess right now!" his mother shrieked as she grabbed a handful of paper towels and stormed over to the spill.  Ray knew it was no use trying to explain to her that the cookie and milk had been Joe's, but he noted to himself it was even more evidence that Joey was truly missing.  When had he ever left a cookie half-eaten? Never.


Joe blinked.  He blinked again.  Surely this was a dream.  He looked around but saw only darkness.  He was strapped into some sort of small pod--and then--BAM! All at once a door flung open and there was light.  Joe stepped out of the tiny vehicle and found himself in what seemed like a very large garage.  "We'd better get moving.  I'll take you straight to my dad," said...Carl??  Joe was completely confused.  Just moments earlier he had been in his room, looking for a certain lego piece he needed to return to his friend, Timmy.  He had interrupted his afternoon snack to go find it, so he wouldn't forget... when suddenly a vehicle of some sort had appeared at his open second-story window!

The floating craft was small--like an amusement park ride, sort of round, not terribly shiny, blue and white-ish, as if sky-camouflaged.  A door swung open and a slender, blond-haired, blue-eyed young man appeared.  "Joe!  It's me, Carlton!  Get in!  We've got to go!"  "Carlton?" Joe wondered, even more baffled.  The only Carlton he knew was his nephew, who was six years old.  (Joe had a brother who was 21 years older than him so he had been an uncle since he was four.)  "Joe! Come on!"  Carlton had opened the window screen and was reaching for Joe's arm.

"Hey!  What--who??" Joe stammered.  "Joe! It's me, Carlton, your nephew!  I'm from the future!  We have to hurry!"  the young man asserted.  He did seem to resemble Joe's nephew...but this was crazy.  "Okay," Joe thought, "I am dreaming for sure!  So, what the heck, I'll go with him.  No doubt I'll wake up before I even get out the window."  But he hadn't woken up.  And now he was in this giant concrete building, skittering after...Carlton, his nephew from the future??