Monday, November 16, 2009

Ronald: part one

My husband doesn't want me to write about him in my blog, but I have to write about what's on my heart. After all, that's what my blog is about. Ronald is my husband. We were married almost 25 years ago. I never dreamed I would marry a man like him, as I didn't ever imagine a man like him might exist. I couldn't have dreamed him up. He is a man who now is so close to my own soul that, as the Bible says, we are really one person. I can tell you from experience what the saying 'my better half' actually means.

When I first met Ron, I thought he was very mysterious. He still is. He is not like me, talking all the time, he is quiet. He listens. He is thoughtful and slow to speak. The Bible says this is wise. He has a strange way with animals. When we were dating I noticed this. If we went to the zoo the lions and other creatures would look straight at him. I thought it was weird but cool.

He knew about everything I didn't. He knew a lot of advanced math and science and had read a lot of fiction and stuff I have no patience for. He would tell me the story of "The Hobbit" and I would fall asleep. He was very kind, and his friends were kind. He is still this way. He has some odd friends; peculiar acquaintances. He never gravitates toward people because of their "usefulness."

Ron is so unbelievably giving. He works day in and day out, never even asks to see his paycheck. After working all day long, he sits down and plays games with our little boys. He helps me with the dishes. He puts the kids down for bed and reads them stories. He gets up with them early on Saturday mornings and together they make pancakes.

He never complains. He actually likes doing these things. He is so completely unselfish compared to me. I mean, I know that he is imperfect of course. He has faults. But, he is just so much more caring and loving than I am; it just is a constant wonderment to me.

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