Sunday, October 25, 2009


I just went to find the poem I wrote about my oldest son as a young mom, and also found a poem I didn't even know I had written more recently about Lou. So, I'll post them both. I am not a good writer, but in college I had a lecherous professor who tricked me into thinking otherwise. Anyhow, I've written some not-particularly-good poetry, but it expresses some of what I feel and I'd like to share it.


Birth, the final frontier--

What surprised me most
About you is that
You are so earthen.

Pink breath baby,
You erase all doubts
About whole hearted love

Each day swelling now

Coming back to myself with a new friend,
Wanting you to like what I liked
Seeing you to be different,
You offer me your bottle

Traveling the map of milestones
First tooth, first step...
None of it is quite as thrilling as
The day to day living with you.

How I Miss Lou

Part of me died with you
It is just black there
Why didn't I know that before

You were the one I could
Show my work to
I wanted to be your favorite

You were my model
I miss you so much
Why was I so guarded

Our relationship seemed distant
But now my heart tells me different
I wish I knew you better

I don't know where you are
I want so much to see you again
I want you to be in Heaven

There is nowhere to go with this hurt
No one to talk to
No escape

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