Thursday, October 22, 2009


"I have all these cool thoughts running through my head..." was how the note started. It was to my closest friend Diane and we were on our 'spiritual journey' together. We would write each other letters and have long discussions about our 'discoveries' --I was just reading today on somebody's fb a quote about how there's a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous.

The letter went on, recalling past conversations with cryptic things like, "...and the smiling people,"..." and the washing machine"...."and the photo booth..." all referencing remarkable insights we had had in our new cosmic awareness, set within the framework of a homeschool mom's day to day life.

At some level I must have known how stupid (yet sincerely stupid) my musings were. I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant with my family when I realized that the note, written on yellow legal paper, had slipped out of my purse. As I wandered about, scanning the floor of the restaurant, a woman asked me, "Are you looking for that piece of paper?" It was with great horror that I saw her point toward a table where a group of Chinese waiters were sitting around, laughing hysterically as one read my letter aloud.

I don't know what came over me, why I didn't just go back to my seat and pretend I knew nothing about that dumb letter; but I stomped across the restaurant, ripped the yellow paper out of the stunned waiter's hands, and stormed back to my table.

I suppose it really wasn't such a big deal, looking back. Such a thing probably wouldn't even embarrass me now. But I was younger. And anyway my note was probably at least as insightful as the fortune cookies.

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