Tuesday, October 27, 2009


"Quoc" is the nickname my older boys gave me when they were younger. It stands for "Queen of Complaints." Not so complimentary, right? Being a homeschool family we are, or were, pretty close. I am not one to hide my feelings anyway and so maybe the boys knew a little bit too much of what was going on at times. Whether it was at church, or the library, or a restaurant, or a store; if there was something I had a problem with, I let whomever know about it. After all, that is what the Bible says to do--go directly to the person you have a problem with.

Of course, that could be at times embarrassing to kids, hence the name "Quoc." They would caricaturize me as a crazed grumpy old lady charging menacingly at, let's just say, the Pastor of our church, with him muttering under his breath, "Oh boy, here comes "Quoc" again!" Well I don't know, maybe he was saying that! I really tried not to be crabby, but I admit sometimes it may have come across that way. It didn't seem to affect anything at church though, or the library, or the public school when we had foster kids.

But, where it has paid off is in the world of commerce. In those restaurants and stores where, being non publicly-funded, they understand who the customer is. Well, church is sort of out of either category, but it needed to be included in this discussion.

For example, just today I received an email that I would be getting a free box of chocolates to replace one I had bought which arrived slightly squashed. They were delicious still, but a huge part of the appeal of a box of assorted chocolates is the appearance. I sent the company a note describing the problem, only to suggest that they figure out a better way of packaging, not asking for anything. But they volunteered the new box. Who am I to complain? ;)

I've also been awarded a $20 coupon for merely suggesting that a delicious meal at a fine restaurant was put off-kilter by an unkempt washroom. And there have been many other times when my "complaining" skills have paid off. But, let me say, that I wasn't being rude or unreasonable. I was actually trying to be helpful.

I am in favor of businesses succeeding, of schools and libraries being excellent, and of churches being what they should. I don't just "complain" to be the squeaky wheel. I like to make suggestions based on my observations, and therefore think I "Quomsbomo" would be a more suitable nickname for me. Thank you for your consideration.

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