Monday, December 28, 2009

Almost my anniversary

This year as we were decorating the tree, I was the one who shattered the nice big glass globe ornament. It is amazing how thin the glass was, which could only be seen once it was broken. It had been beautiful, but in a way it was a relief, as sometimes I wish all those fragile ornaments would just be gone. Although they are some of my favorites. They definitely remind me of childhood and Christmases of old.

This year we made gingerbread men and rolled out Christmas cookies with frosting and all the candy decorations. We had an open house and I even forced people to sing a few carols. I don't know why nobody likes doing that. I love it! Of course I'm playing the piano so I can't actually see anybody, but I can feel them grimacing, and my husband tells me it is so.

I played my Christmas cds and ordered all the special shows via netflix for the boys. There was snow, so the kids were out playing in it making it feel even Christmasier. This year I got such lovely Christmas cards. Last year was a pretty motley assortment, but this year was really good.

Anyway, my anniversary is coming up. This will be our 25th. It hardly seems possible that anybody could stand to be around me for that long, yet it has happened. And we are on our second batch of kids. It is really kind of scary being this old. I guess I didn't realize that we would be starting to feel the effects of aging soon after these new ones were born. Of course I thought I never would age.

Our second two boys are so much like our first two boys it is freakish. It actually confuses me a lot. They even look like the older two. The older now is like the first oldest, the younger like my older younger son. The biggest difference is that my current oldest freaks out. My oldest son the first time around is very calm and even tempered. But other than that, so incredibly similar.

So with these little ones we won't be going anyplace exotic for our 25th anniversary. My sister-in-law even offered to take them if we went. But it's just too hard to leave them for that long and go that far (we were thinking Hawaii since my older younger son is there). They still get colds all the time, and sometimes they get bad. My mommy sense is just not letting out that much leash for me at the present time. But the day will come. With the older ones I wondered, would it? But it definitely did.

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