Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, I don't know quite what to write about today. Last night my husband asked me, "So, what crazy thing are we gonna do next?" He was referring to our penchant for doing majorly off-the-track things, like, having two kids in our forties, after our other two were grown. Or when we put a huge chunk of our home equity into a vacation house up in Michigan. We also homeschool. Actually we homeschooled our two oldest all the way through highschool. We became born-again Christians in our early thirties, although that wasn't exactly something we can take credit for. I guess it all began early in our relationship. We were two messed up kids, and we really decided to get married on the fly.

You never know how life's gonna go. Although I really wanted to have more kids, by the time I finally got pregnant at age 39, almost 40, it was so shocking to me that I didn't get over it until my son was over one year old. I really thought it would sink in when he was born, but it took longer than that. It is interesting and wonderful to note that, right around the time I became pregnant, I had a special experience one morning.

I was praying and worshiping God by my sliding glass door. It was very sunny. The sun was beaming down on me and I felt such incredible joy. I was just very happy with God, and accepting at that point of the idea that we were not going to have any more kids. We had fostered, tried to adopt, but it became clear that that wasn't going to work out. But I was really okay with it. That morning I had read Psalm 37:4--Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. And I was truly delighting in the Lord that morning.

Right around that time I visited my neighbor's church. He was the pastor so I thought we should. His talk was also on Psalm 37:4! It was really wonderful. I never took it to mean I would get a baby, or anything else I wanted like that. What I thought it meant was that the desire of my heart is God, and if I would only delight in Him, I would truly come to know Him more. Well, that was a reality too, but He really surprised me that time!

And true to form, we had another baby four years later. I guess we both just like to be different. But we have found that there is a reason why most people do things a certain way. Our way is, um, I think sometimes it's called "doing things the hard way." But hey, easier isn't always better!

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