Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Neighborhood

I am one of those people who likes to move. Every few years I get the itch. It probably is never for a good reason. It probably is because deep down I long to escape--me. A couple of years ago we tried to sell our house. My husband's company had decided in their infinite lack of wisdom to move his office to the big city. We live a 2 hour commute away, about as far out as you can possibly get from that bustling metropolis. I am a country mouse, not a city mouse. Well, probably more of a suburb mouse, but I would be a country mouse if that were possible.

Anyway, I figured, I can't stand the thought of my husband having to travel that much. We have always lived within a half hour of his work place. It is a standard of living issue: our quality of life. Time is more precious to me than I can describe. Every moment I can be with my loved ones, I want to. So, although the office move would take a couple years to complete, I thought, "hey--if we're gonna move, let's roll." Remember, I was getting tired of my own skin in this neighborhood anyhow. Maybe a different place would be good. We could move closer in, near a train station. Maybe we could even find a bit of culture. Maybe it was time for an adventure, or at least a change of scene.

So we got rid of lots of junk, did some repairs, and put her up for sale. That, by the way, was right as the housing market was beginning to collapse. I thought we might even find some kind of bargain... Well, not too many months later, we were taking that for sale sign down, woefully telling our already battered realtor that we'd had it. We knew that no one was going to buy our house. We were not moving after all. We were staying put. No new skin. No new scene. Just less junk.

Here's the great thing, though. In the time since that happened, a lot of wonderful events have come to pass. We live backing up to a field in a neighborhood with a good amount of kids, nice kids. My son, who is now 7, is just to the age where he can run around with a pack of them every day after school. They play football, or guns, or soccer, or whatever...they just have a blast. He is really in his element. I love to see him out there, playing his exuberant heart out. What a great set up! Also, my 3-year-old tags along, the little brother all the bigger kids look after and the girls love to baby.

And I've gotten to know my neighbors better. There are many people who are to me like points of light in this neighborhood. We've met in various ways, through kids or open houses or church...and we are building relationships. Even in this skin. I've shared many joys with people in the neighborhood, and had the privilege of sharing pains. I've had a couple of women open up to me with their hurts, and spent some good time sharing with them. I like this very much. I know that I am on this earth to minister to these women, to care for them, to pray for them and their families, to love them as I am loved.

I have also had the great pleasure of being encouraged, and of laughing with people, and of partnering with a couple moms around here who are also homeschooling. I am starting over again at this. I already have two grown sons. I need now to meet new friends (without casting away the old) but friends whose kids are going to be my little kids' friends. I think I was beginning to get lonely. God kept me in one place just long enough for me to poke my head out of this turtle shell, instead of running away on a moving van.

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  1. We're so thankful you didn't move! God has blessed us with getting to know you as neighbors, fellow homeschoolers and friends!
    Carla C