Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Adventures of Joe, part 2

...of Pickles grabbing a napkin off the kitchen table, which had a partially eaten cookie and cup of milk sitting on top of it. CRASH!  The mug landed hard on the ceramic tile, milk and broken cup shards sprayed everywhere.   "Pickles!! Raymond Randall Miller!!  Now look what you've done!" "Me? I..."  "Help me clean up this mess right now!" his mother shrieked as she grabbed a handful of paper towels and stormed over to the spill.  Ray knew it was no use trying to explain to her that the cookie and milk had been Joe's, but he noted to himself it was even more evidence that Joey was truly missing.  When had he ever left a cookie half-eaten? Never.


Joe blinked.  He blinked again.  Surely this was a dream.  He looked around but saw only darkness.  He was strapped into some sort of small pod--and then--BAM! All at once a door flung open and there was light.  Joe stepped out of the tiny vehicle and found himself in what seemed like a very large garage.  "We'd better get moving.  I'll take you straight to my dad," said...Carl??  Joe was completely confused.  Just moments earlier he had been in his room, looking for a certain lego piece he needed to return to his friend, Timmy.  He had interrupted his afternoon snack to go find it, so he wouldn't forget... when suddenly a vehicle of some sort had appeared at his open second-story window!

The floating craft was small--like an amusement park ride, sort of round, not terribly shiny, blue and white-ish, as if sky-camouflaged.  A door swung open and a slender, blond-haired, blue-eyed young man appeared.  "Joe!  It's me, Carlton!  Get in!  We've got to go!"  "Carlton?" Joe wondered, even more baffled.  The only Carlton he knew was his nephew, who was six years old.  (Joe had a brother who was 21 years older than him so he had been an uncle since he was four.)  "Joe! Come on!"  Carlton had opened the window screen and was reaching for Joe's arm.

"Hey!  What--who??" Joe stammered.  "Joe! It's me, Carlton, your nephew!  I'm from the future!  We have to hurry!"  the young man asserted.  He did seem to resemble Joe's nephew...but this was crazy.  "Okay," Joe thought, "I am dreaming for sure!  So, what the heck, I'll go with him.  No doubt I'll wake up before I even get out the window."  But he hadn't woken up.  And now he was in this giant concrete building, skittering after...Carlton, his nephew from the future??

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