Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Adventures of Joe, part 4

Joe recognized his eldest brother at once.  Though his hair was silvery, Kim's blue-green eyes were unmistakable.  He had the eyes and red apple cheeks of their grandma Miller.  "Joe--Good of you to come," Kim grasped his younger brothers arms, looking intently into his face.  "We need your help, Brother."  Joe, stunned, struggled to stay standing.  From behind Kim another figure approached--it was Boe!  "Hey Joe, whattya know?" quipped Boe, grabbing his younger brother in a strong embrace. "Boe!" cried Joe, greatly frustrated, "What the heck is going on?!"

Boe took a step back, looking sympathetic, and pretty tired.  He looked a lot like Joe remembered, but with shorter hair.  Still not short, but wiry and grayish, kind of like Einstein, Joe thought.  His clothing was different.  Instead of sporting all black, Boe was wearing loose fitting light colored jeans and a gray tee-shirt under a blue and green flannel shirt.  His deep blue eyes still sparkled, but somehow he looked sad.

"Hi Uncle Joe," murmured a soft spoken young man, stockier than Carl but just as tall, with straw-like hair and kind blue eyes.   As he emerged from behind Boe, Joe immediately recognized him as his nephew, Carlton's younger brother, Leif.  At this point Joe's head was swimming.  Carl caught him just as he collapsed. "Leif--get some water!" commanded Boe, as he guided Joe to an empty office chair.

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