Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Adventures of Joe, part 6

"I'm getting to that," continued Boe, "There's going to be a war--a bad one.  From the future they tell us the enemy will devise a way to cut off our fuel supply by sabotaging our oil refineries.  You don't need to know all the details--Actually it's better if you don't." Joe interrupted, "So what does that have to do with me? How can I help? I'm just a kid." "Well, it's not so much you--as it is Dad," admitted Boe.

"Dad? If this has to do with Dad then why didn't you just get him? And anyway what can he do about it?" Joe puzzled out loud.  Now Kim spoke, pacing the room, "It has to do with Dad because he has invented a process that can correct the problem with the refineries.  The data is on his computer right now, that is, in 2016.  The very process we will need is within your grasp."  "Well, I sure as heck don't know what it is. I still don't get why you're dragging me into this!" exclaimed Joe.

Boe stepped in, "Joe, we need you precisely because you are a kid and you don't know anything.  If our side has time travel capabilities in the future, then so will the enemy.  They might send someone to try to stop Dad." "But nobody would suspect me," concluded Joe.  "Right," Kim interjected, "Our contact from the future is not only involved in the military, but he is also our descendant.  He found some of Dad's data in an old family album.  He realized what it was, but that it was incomplete."  Boe added, "Apparently the project was scrapped back then because at the time as it wasn't considered useful. Our contact enabled us to travel back in time so we could reach out to you.  He figured you would be more likely to help if it was for your brothers."

Suddenly Joe grew pale.  "So, so....if it's 2037, then where is Dad now?"

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