Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Adventures of Joe

Daniel thinks my blog is boring.  So this one's for him.

Joe was a pretty quiet kid, so his mom didn't really think anything of it when he had not been heard from for a couple of hours.  She just thought he was playing with legos in his room.  She didn't know that he was actually miles and miles away.

Joe's brother, Ray, was the first to notice.  "Hey Ma, where's Joey?" he called trotting down the brown carpeted stairs of their two-story home.  "I don't know, I thought he was with you," she muttered from the kitchen.  Clearly her mind was on other things, like cutting up carrots for a stew she was making.  "Nah, he's not anywhere in the house--I looked." "Well you're not very good at looking, as I recall," Ray's mom snorted, insultingly.

"Maybe he's outside." Ray grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.  Pickles, their lovable mutt, wagged her tail, jumping toward him.  "Aw, ya wanna come with, girl?" Ray turned and patted her head. "Okay; Ma--I'm taking the dog!" he called, grabbing her leash and putting it on her collar.  She tugged him out the door.  "Shhh!  I'm trying to listen to this radio program!" his mom clucked as she turned up volume on the droning speaker.

Ray and Pickles wandered the yard, but couldn't find Joe anywhere.  Ray began to worry.  In spite of his mother's criticism, he really had looked for Joe all through the house, and now all over the yard and down the street.  Since they had moved to this house only six months ago, his mom would not let them wander the neighborhood on their own.  He knew Joe would not have gone anywhere by himself.  He headed back inside.

"Mom, are you sure you didn't tell Joe he could go somewhere?  Like maybe to Timmy's house, or to play Pokemon go?"  "No, of course not.  You know this neighborhood is full of weirdos and thieves.  He was up in his room playing legos.  Maybe he's hiding in a closet or something."  Ray's mom didn't seem at all concerned, which he found rather irritating.  "Mom, Joe is missing!  Don't you even care?!" he shouted.

His mom looked up just in time to catch a glimpse...

To be continued.

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